FutbolPro3D 2020 (2 LICENZE)






SoccerPro3D 2020

From designing a simple 2D whiteboard animation, through an animated camera graphic or an infographic animation for a tactical or strategic concept, to being able to interact (as in a console game) within the training exercise. FutbolPro3D is a tool that has everything that technology is capable of providing a coach today: the simplest with unsurpassed quality, and a simulation that points to the tactical – cognitive development of the player. When you do an exercise in the Simulator, the rivals face you and they will seek to recover the ball, the software breaks all the existing limits at the sporting and technological level.

New software


Annual license (365 days after activation)

Buy FutbolPro3D directly from our website and access weekly video tutorials. Includes all free updates, technical support, video usage tutorials, and demo exercises. Available for Windows and Mac OSx.

SoccerPro3D 2020

FutbolPro3D is developed for Windows and MacOSx systems. When purchasing a license you must choose which system will activate it. The license has an annual duration that begins when the activation of the product is confirmed. Your license is personal and cannot be transferred. You will receive remote technical assistance at no additional charge for the duration of your license, as well as video tutorials to learn how to use the software completely. The software has a license that covers all modules, you must not pay anything extra to access the full and total use of your tool.


Real 3D system

A true three-dimensional platform

A real and unlimited 3D system allows the user (Coach or Player) a maximum interaction with the training exercise. This will give you the advantage of working in real distances and meters, with unlimited rotations and views, and with unprecedented graphic quality just by dragging and dropping objects within the playing field.


Player Mode

Play the exercise like a console

The software allows you to play each exercise, face rivals, manage your team, jump, move, pass or finish, just like in a real game. The intention is that the Player can access a previous experience of the tactical or strategic concept that transmits the training, activating their cognitive structure and enhancing their abilities. If the exercise starts and you stand still, the opponent will pressure you, steal the ball and convert you. Whenever you start the exercise, unforeseeable situations may occur that can be resolved based on that structure, just like in real training.


Coach Mode

Everything a DT or PF needs

It has the classic 2D blackboard with animated cards that can be managed individually to give realism to the movement, you can design static or animated graphic exercises, you can make infographic videos of analysis, conceptual, tactical and strategic. You have a battery of elements and graphics along with markings and gestures that cover everything you need. You have a Tactical Camera and 2 Drones, one is automatic and follows the ball. You can capture video and take photos from unlimited views and angles. FutbolPro3D will revolutionize the way you work, because not only is everything you know, but there is a new world to discover.